Renaissance Group Graduate Recruitment Program 2012(

Renaissance Group Graduate Recruitment Program 2012(
Renaissance Group offers unparalleled financial, investment and management expertise in high-opportunity emerging and frontier markets around the world.

Our quality and success are determined entirely by our people and culture. These are the two critical factors which drive strategy, deliver quality of execution and, ultimately, achieve financial success.

 Our unique culture and outstanding team of people have been built over many years through incredible levels of commitment and effort. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved, and absolutely determined to keep strengthening our culture and our talent pool. The quality of our recruitment process, and the way we develop our people, will have an enormous impact on our future success and the sustainability of our unique business model.

All executives within Renaissance Group are responsible for ensuring that our recruitment process and hiring decisions are second to none, and continue to underpin our remarkable success for many years to come.

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